Promoting Responsibility

The men, women and families of the Kentucky beer wholesaling industry care deeply how their businesses affect the community. They play a critical role in educating the public about the problems of drunk driving, alcohol abuse and illegal underage purchase and consumption. In fact, no industry has done more to prevent abuse of its products than the beer industry.


Additionally, the Kentucky Malt Beverage Council and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) sponsor several alcohol education efforts on behalf of its wholesaler members. The Association produces audio, video and print public service announcements (PSAs), a Marketing and Communications Code, a Responsible Party Planning Guide for Hosts and Hostesses, “WE I.D .” materials and much more.

Thanks in part to the extraordinary efforts of America ’s beer wholesalers and their brewer partners, drunk driving fatalities and underage drinking is at historic lows. In fact, according to government research, more than 83 percent of America’s youth are not drinking illegally. However, one youth illegally purchasing and consuming alcohol is one too many. That is why wholesalers sponsor hundreds of programs throughout the community to help educate youth, parents, teachers and community leaders on the important issue of illegal underage drinking.

Federal statistics now show that nearly 20 million teens are doing the right thing by not drinking. Additionally, according to the 2003 Roper Youth Report, 73 percent of teens cite their parents as the primary influence in their decisions about whether they drink alcohol or not.

Beer wholesalers firmly believe that parents are the most influential deterrent to help our youth make positive choices and refrain from illegal underage drinking. For more information, contact

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